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We have been practicing in the field of training for tens of years at the regional and international levels through our strategic partnership with the largest technical and administrative training centers that have decades of experience with the largest companies in the Arab world in the oil fields, which laid the foundation stone through teaching […]

Fuel and gas station

We are working on finding designs suitable for the nature of the land and the place to set up gas stations in a modern way that allows for competition and also the optimum use of spaces and to meet the needs of the region and people and also provide the distinguished services needed by vehicle […]


is one of the best departments that we deal with professionally, whether it is light or heavy transport, or even specialized transport of polluting and dangerous materials through strict procedures, as well as many specialized environmental permits to obtain and dispose of those loads in a scientific way to preserve people as well as the […]

Oil transfer

We have many links within the local and international market, and we work through specialists in transporting petroleum products of all kinds within the secure and authorized means of transportation at the local and international levels. We apply the highest standards of safety to deliver its shipment to the last destination in the fastest and […]

technical Suppport

Our goal is to develop the company’s skills through the technical support team in many fields and all levels We have many specialists with scientific degrees appropriate for each job and profession, as well as many doctoral and master’s degrees in engineering cases who have many fingerprints in various specialized sectors at the local and […]

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